Andre Alpar in the media

Here are some selected features of mine in media.

Deutsche Welle (TV station) - March 2013

Focus magazine - February 2013

Andre Alpar AKM3 Focus Magazine SEO Google

Technology Review magazine - February 2013

Andre Alpar press Technology Review

IHK Berlin (local trade organzation) magazine - January 2013

Article about AKM3, Zalando (largest european fashion retailer) and SEO for SMEs

Tagesspiegel of Berlin November, 24th 2012

Major daily newspaper in Germanys capitol city.
Well connected - About onlinemarkting for SMBs

eTailment Map - November 2012

Special edition magazine for ecommerce retailers
Setting screws for search engines

Süddeutsche Zeitung - October, 6th 2012

"SZ" is one of the major German newspapers.
Get on your spots – What search engine optimizers do

Internet Worlds Business August 2012

How to get social media interactions after the main transaction

Focus (major German mainstream magazine) June 2012

Focus online on June, 2nd 2012 on the topic of Facebook Ads all over the web

Print-version of Focus on June, 4th 2012 on the topic of The role user-tracking in online marketing on April, 19th 2012

Article by Olaf Kolbrück: SEO expert Andre Alpar: brand claims are missing out on a lot of potential at Google

germany seo expert horizont 2012

Several online publications Februar 2012

When switching jobs and joining the onlinemarketing agency AKM3 there were several reactions in the mareting-focused online-press. Further below you will find some URLs and two screenshots as the news was front-page worthy


Werben & Verkaufen, September 2011

A rather unusual feature I still find quite amusing was a result of my visit of the SEOktoberfests

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, June 14th, 2011

One of Germanys famous bloggers is Holger Schmidt of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung which is Germanys most renowned daily newspapers. He did a lenghty interview with Kai Rieke and myself about how advertising is getting more scientific. This is what the article looked like:

iBusiness May 2011

The magazin iBusiness did an article on international SEO

seo international

and I was one of the contributing european experts on the topic.

andre alpar international SEO

Telegraph 2011

The british newspaper Telegraph bublished this list of Europes most influential technology investors in March 2011. The data is based on Twitter informations and therefore can not be very accurate as only a part of tech-investors twitter. I am still happy to get mentioned in the list.

Here's a copy of the article, in case it can not be found online any more.

iBusiness 2008

In the May 2008 edition of the iBusiness magazine there was a report on venture capital in the Germand web 2.0 market and therin was a "map of investors".

Zeitschrit iBusiness

In this investors map major business angels and their investments were evaluated. As one can see a am a very small fish in this see with my few investments that are publicly know of. I am on top of the list only because it is in alphabetical order.

Business Angels in Deutschland

One can see which investment areas I am interested in.

Investments Andre Alpar

This refers only to investments where it is publicly known who the investors are. I asume that if all investments were public this evaluation would have had a different result but that isn't important. Maybe they will have a more complete and updated version of this some day.

My earlier mentionings in the press were in the context of Hitflip und Hitmeister.